Elegantly hosted by Sonya Saul in 1995, this series showcased contemporary and classic music from both sides of the Atlantic. It appeared only on the satellite channel VH-1 (Video Hits 1), which is part of the group of MTV networks, and often featured studio guests and viewer competitions. An actress whilst in her teens, Saul was also a highly experienced television presenter, as she had co-hosted programmes such as ITV’s computer show for children Video & Chips with Mick Brown in 1984, and also appeared in a number of TV dramas. Alas despite it’s quality, the series lasted less than a year. Soul Vibration, a replacement of sorts hosted by Brinsley Ford the lead singer of Reggae group Aswad, filled the void for a while. But that series was shown so late, at midnight on Monday mornings, that it would have rarely reached it’s target audience.

Saul later appeared as a showbiz reporter on the now defunct LWT channel’s entertainment vehicle The Weekend Show, hosted by Emma Forbes and Andy Peters. She has since left television work behind, in order to become a lawyer.