Hewson's vocalist wife Liz

12 inch version on DJM Records



From Stockton-on-Tees in the north of England, multi-instrumentalist Richard A Hewson has appeared in many bands since the 1960s. He has also been a producer and arranger for artists including Herbie Hancock, the Beatles, and even Diana Ross. In 1977, he managed to produce for his self-named group an enormous synthesizer based hit record The Crunch, an instrumental which sounded like a mixture of pop and disco rhythms. In the early 1980s his smooth compositions like Falcon which briefly assaulted the UK charts, Slide, and Downside Up, were yet more of what seemed to be his speciality; vocally deficient but very jazzy releases. This was not the case, as he would soon prove with Riding on a Fantasy, and the ballad Perfumed Garden on which his wife Liz provided some shrill and very emotive vocals. Funk Me Down To Rio, included almost Herbie Hancock like Vocoder style speech, and a tightly performed latin rhythm track. Most of these records are highly sought after by collectors today. Sam The Samba Man and Are You Satisfied are two other notable releases.

Clouds Across The Moon, their biggest selling single taken from their Mystery LP, hit the UK top 10 during April 1985, and was a sentimental Sci-Fi tale about a wife transmitting a message of love to her husband across the galaxy. It’s very commercial nature was a far cry from their funk fuelled singles of the previous few years, and is still very popular.

At present, Hewson continues to work in the music industry behind the scenes, and a best of compilation of RAH Band’s back catalogue has been released.

1981 LP on DJM records

12 inch 1982 re-issue of Funk Me Down To Rio