Not to be confused with the Leroy Burgess produced north American band of the same name, this Intrigue hailed from the north of London. It’s five members released a number of funk-fuelled singles during the early and mid ‘80s, beginning with I Like It in 1982 on the Pressure label. No Turning Back was a jaunty addition to their catalogue. But the double A side fronted by The stuttering bassline of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, may have been the track that brought them the most attention at first. On it's reverse, Like The Way You Do It supported a highly accomplished record, and consolidated their string of local hits in 1984.

Heaven Made, probably their most remembered 12 inch, gained a release on the Project label in May 1985, and both shocked and intrigued listeners with it’s mixture of funky bass line, and upper-crust rap vocal. This was nothing revolutionary, as The Evasions produced a similar effort for their single Wikka Rap. Both tracks sound unusual, but seem to work. The single came backed with Ropes.